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Andrew Barovick Advocates Proper Education

Education is important at all levels for those who want to have any measure of success in life. This is a truth that attorney Andrew J. Barovick, Esq. has held since the days when he was in school. In the years since becoming an attorney, Barovick has doubled down on the importance of education and has helped to ensure that other attorneys and law students have the proper knowledge they need in order to succeed. He has even helped those in elementary school to get onto the right path when it comes to education.

How Barovick Helped to Further Education for Attorneys

Barovick, along with other members of the New York City Bar’s Committee on Medical Malpractice, has written and taught continuing legal education (CLE) courses for lawyers. This continuing education is a requirement, and attorneys need to complete a minimum number of mandatory credits to remain in compliance. If they don’t, it could lead to large fines or even to suspensions.

This is because it is so important for attorneys to keep learning and improving their skills and knowledge. Going through and completing law school and passing the Bar exam is just the beginning. Education is a continuing process for the life of any attorney. However, the quality of the education they are receiving is just as important.

Several years ago in Westchester, Andrew Barovick wrote and taught the “Damages” portion of the New York State Trial Lawyers’ annual comprehensive CLE program called “Decisions.”

Through these courses, Barovick was able to help attorneys improve their knowledge and skills and get the CLE credits that they needed. However, that was certainly not the only way that he helped to keep other attorneys up to date. During his 2.5 year tenure as the Chair of the New York City Bar’s Committee on Medical Malpractice, he would regularly update the committee members on new developments in their area of the law.

By keeping everyone up to date with the changes in their field, it reduced the risks of attorneys making mistakes or not having valuable information that they truly needed to help their clients.

Working with Law Students

In addition to keeping lawyers up to date on changes in their field, and to help with continuing education, Andrew Barovick also volunteered at his law school, the Cardozo School of Law.  For three years, he helped with their Trial Advocacy Program where he volunteered to be a trial advocacy instructor. This was a quality program that helped the students to learn what it is like to be a litigator.

The goal is to make those who go through the course more effective in actual trial proceedings that they might face in the future. Because the stakes are so high in trials, the programs are geared to be rather intensive. The mock trials can help to prepare students for the realities they will face once they are practicing. The trials often include teaching skills for tasks such as selecting the jurors, delivering opening and closing statements and arguments, witness examination, and similar skills.

By educating and getting these budding law students early, it helps them to understand more of what will be coming when they enter an actual courtroom and face a judge and jurors.

In addition to working with the Trial Advocacy Program, Barovick has also volunteered to be a moot court judge for national competitions on several occasions. These competitions will simulate a court hearing. Those who participate will look at the problem, research the law surrounding that problem, and then prepare written and oral arguments.

This type of program can also greatly help those who are becoming lawyers and who will be dealing with judges and jurors in the future. Acting as a judge allowed Barovick to provide these students with an experience that closely simulates what they will deal with once they get into an actual trial. Having this experience, even though it might not be “real” will help the students not only know what they should expect, but it can help them to stay calm and in control.

Helping Get Kids Started on the Right Track

While education and training are essential while in law school and after someone has become an attorney, it is important to remember that a good education at a young age is the foundation on which everything else is built. Andrew Barovick understands this, which is one of the reasons he volunteered as a part of Volunteer New York! to serve as a reading buddy.

He and other volunteers would meet with elementary aged schoolchildren who were having trouble reading. Barovick would meet with a 2nd grader who had trouble with reading and comprehension. The goal was to help the students to have a better grasp on recognizing and understanding different words, phrases, grammar and punctuation, and to help with comprehending what was read.

When a young person feels more comfortable reading, they are likely to read more. They can find books that they like, which can take them on new journeys and can make education seem more exciting for them. Reading better helps them not only with their schooling but with so many other areas of their life no matter what they do when they get older.

How Does a Lack of Education Hurt?

When people do not read and when they do not take the time to find ways to improve their knowledge and education, it is hard for them to move forward. People may have incorrect views of how the world works, and even how various elements of their own job work. Andrew Barovick believes that proper education from elementary school on through the rest of a person’s life is very important. This is why he has volunteered so many times in the past to help improve peoples’ education.