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Everyone Can Make a Difference

Andrew Barovick, Esq. has served as an attorney for a number of years, and during his time in this field, he has seen the good and the bad that people can do. He also believes that everyone has the potential to make a positive difference in the world if only they try. Time and again, he has attempted to set an example not only for fellow attorneys, but also for anyone else out there who wants to help make changes to their own life and to their community and society as a whole. Let’s look at some of the various things that Barovick has done and see how they might be able to inspire you to help make a difference in your own way.

Pro Bono Work

Lawyers have specialized skills that others simply don’t possess. They have a knowledge of the law that helps them to understand what needs to be done to achieve favorable outcomes for their clients. In most cases, hiring an attorney can be quite expensive, but there are times when attorneys will provide their services pro bono. This means that they will not be taking a fee from the services they are offering.

Andrew Barovick recently finished up on a Social Security and Disability case that his old firm had taken on. When he left the firm, he took the pro bono case with him. He was able to win the case for the disabled client, but the client will not be receiving the back benefits, which is the amount of combined money that the Social Security Administration looks to from which to pay attorneys. Typically this is 25%. Since there were no back benefits in this case, it means Barovick did not receive any pay, making it a truly pro bono case.

While attorneys aren’t able to take on all of their cases on a pro bono basis – everyone has to make a living – having the occasional case like this can be a nice benefit. It helps the attorney to remember why they got into this field the first place – helping people who need it. This is the crux of this article… everyone can make a difference with whatever knowledge and skills they have.

Education for Attorneys and Law Students

Another way that Barovick has worked to give back to his own community is through education. He, along with other members who were on the New York City Bar’s Committee on Medical Malpractice, wrote and taught continuing legal education courses for attorneys. It is a requirement that attorneys continue to go through training and education to improve their skills and keep them sharp. Several years ago, Barovick was responsible for writing and teaching courses in Westchester for the “Damages” portion of the New York State Trial Lawyers’ annual comprehensive CLE program known as “Decisions.”

He helped in a range of other ways, as well, all in an effort to help improve the knowledge and education of those who were working in his field. For example, during the 2.5 year tenure he had as the Chair of the New York City Bar’s Committee on Medical Malpractice, he would regularly update the committee members on new developments that were occurring in their area of the law. This helped to keep everyone informed.

Several years ago, Barovick also volunteered at his law school, the Cardozo School of Law, to be a trial advocacy instructor. The school has an intensive program that helps to provide students with a better idea of what it is like to go through an actual trial at each step. Along the same lines, he also volunteered as a moot court judge for national competitions several times.


Making changes in the fields in which people work tends to be expected. However, Barovick believes that the changes and improvements that people help to make should encompass more than just their professional life. Volunteering can help in this manner, and over the years, Barovick has volunteered a number of times, often through the organization known as Volunteer New York!

When he was volunteering, he served as a reading buddy to a 2nd grader who was having trouble reading and comprehending what he read. Barovick and other volunteers who were working as reading buddies would take a day each week to make an after-school visit to a White Plains public elementary school to work with the assigned student they were helping. He worked to help the child better understand words, phrases, and grammar.

Another way that he volunteered through Volunteer New York! was to help the hungry. He and other staff members from his old firm would help to pack grocery bags at the Hillside Food Pantry, which were then delivered to home-bound hungry residents in the Westchester area.

Volunteer efforts can help communities at many different levels. By finding areas which you are passionate about, it can be easier for you to find ways that you can volunteer.

Social Change

Andrew Barovick has also been an advocate for social change in the past. In 2006, there were dangerous and hateful sentiments being tossed about by politicians in the Mamaroneck area. These politicians went as far as to call day laborers locusts that were swooping in and taking jobs. Barovick would not let that stand and wrote a letter to the editor at the New York Times, which was published and that refuted what was said by the politicians. In the letter, he advocated for inclusiveness with these laborers and hoped that the public would be kinder and less fearful of day laborers.

These are some of the many ways that Andrew Barovick, Esq. has worked to help improve his field, along with his community. By finding ways that you can do the same, you can also start to make a difference in your own life and the lives of those who are around you. Start looking for different things that you can do. Even if you start out small, they can have a ripple effect.