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Where you satisfied with our firm?
Yes I was very.

Would you recommend our firm to friends and family members?
Yes I will.

“Because everything was explained in a way that I can explain Rebecca, Zulima and Mr. Barovick was very nice and explained everything well and I am very pleased.”

What would you say (in making your recommendation)?
“I would tell everybody to speak to Mr. Barovick because he is a great attorney in my book and the people that work in the office are truly helpful, they always keep their promises and keep you in the loop, when you call ask for Rebecca or Zulima.”

What did you like about our firm?
“I liked everything the service the communication friendliness of the people, didn't lie to me at any point, very truthful. I wasn't told things that wasn't expected.”


$7.9 million dollars for infant client who suffered severe brain injuries due to post- delivery medical malpractice.

$500,000 wrongful death/medical malpractice settlement on behalf of patient brought to hospital emergency room with serious injuries who suffered complications while unmonitored and died.

$425,000 wrongful death/medical malpractice settlement during trial on behalf of senior hospital patient whose surgeon failed to timely address her worsening symptoms, resulting in her death.

$250,000 to young man whose physician failed to diagnose an impending torsion testicle, causing the loss of the affected testicle.

$200,000 to young mother whose OB/GYN failed to timely diagnose and treat her ectopic pregnancy, resulting in excruciating, long-term pain and the need for surgery to address the ectopic pregnancy once it was diagnosed.