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Yes, I was

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“Because the efficiency and prompt response, I was given services and appointment early. The professionalism of the staff, I like that. I couldn't ask for a better representative, Mr. Barovick. He made me feel at ease. We spoke to everything. I extend

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“Go in and give them the opportunity to prove themselves and I don't believe they will regret walking in your office.

What did you like about our firm?
“I love the fact that you stay on top of things. I really appreciate everything
You took my orders that I wanted. You followed my instructions especially when it came to my medical records and receive them back just as I gave them to you. I couldn't ask for better representation from your office.”


$7.9 million dollars for infant client who suffered severe brain injuries due to post- delivery medical malpractice.

$500,000 wrongful death/medical malpractice settlement on behalf of patient brought to hospital emergency room with serious injuries who suffered complications while unmonitored and died.

$425,000 wrongful death/medical malpractice settlement during trial on behalf of senior hospital patient whose surgeon failed to timely address her worsening symptoms, resulting in her death.

$250,000 to young man whose physician failed to diagnose an impending torsion testicle, causing the loss of the affected testicle.

$200,000 to young mother whose OB/GYN failed to timely diagnose and treat her ectopic pregnancy, resulting in excruciating, long-term pain and the need for surgery to address the ectopic pregnancy once it was diagnosed.