When the stakes are high, you want lawyers that have the experience and the passion to win. Andrew Barovick has been practicing law for over 25 years. Mr. Barovick devoted the early parts of his career to public service, where he helped victims of crime achieve justice, and learned the courtroom skills necessary to be a forceful advocate on behalf of his clients.

Attorney Barovick went on to work for big firms, where he gained additional, valuable experience, but also saw that clients were treated as “files” that could be handled by any one of a number of lawyers. The clients felt undervalued, and the various lawyers had to read up on each client’s file every time they needed to do anything of substance with their case. This wasted the lawyers’ time and frustrated the clients.

When Andrew Barovick decided to create his own firm, he had a different vision. He would treat each client like an individual; he would be selective in taking on new cases, limiting the number of them that are active at any one time, so that no client would feel “lost in the shuffle”; he would always have highly-trained legal assistants available to help his clients if he were busy and he would strive to distinguish himself by working hard, being prepared, and presenting judges and juries with every available argument and piece of evidence in support of his clients.

Mr. Barovick has worked to achieve his vision. He has obtained significant recoveries for his medical malpractice and personal injury clients. Contact Andrew Barovick at 212-861-2800, or info@barovicklawny.com, to see if he can help you.